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The Vicar

13 November |18:00 –

The show has been available for viewing from Saturday 13 November, from 18.00, until Monday, 15 November, at 24.00.

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Author: Rolf Hochhuth

Cast: Victor Rebengiuc, Ion Caramitru, Gheorghe Ionescu Gion, Fory Etterle, George Oancea, Nicolae Mavrodin, Jean Reder, Geta Marutza, Corneliu

Coman, Nicolae Luchian Botez, Vasile Florescu, Mariella Petrescu, Dumitru Dumitriu, Nicolae Popa, Gheorghe Novac, Mihai Vasile Boghiță, Alexandru

Martinescu, George Petreanu, Gheorghe Ghițulescu, Cătălina Pintilie, Dorin Dron, Emil Reisenauer, Virginia Alexandru, Adrian Georgescu, George Andriescu, Dinu Dumitrescu, Ștefan Velniciuc

Translation: Florin Tornea

Direction and set design: Radu Penciulescu

Video recording directon: Letiția Popescu

Editor: George Mladen

A TVR production, 1972, in collaboration with Lucia Sturdza Bulandra Theatre Bucharest
Duration: 2hrs 10min

This text is based on Hochhuth’s research in the Vatican archives regarding the history of the Second World War and it tackles the way Pope Pius XII, the Vicar of Christ on Earth, and the Catholic Church refrained from publicly condemning the persecutions of the Nazi regime against Jews. Faced with the silence of Pope Pius XII, witnesses and actors of the carnage, are Gerstein (Victor Rebengiuc), who brings the news, and father Ricardo Fontana (Ion Caramitru) who willingly goes to the concentration camp to take the place of another inmate.