class="">Theatricality. The Essence of Theatre

Theatricality. The Essence of Theatre

Teatralitatea. Esența teatrului

by Anca Ioniță

Pro Universitaria and Universitaria Craiova Publishing Houses, 2021

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What makes theatre unique, compared to the other arts? Is there an immutable essence of theatre, one that is not subject to cultural determinations? And if so, is it definable? What lies solely in the theatre- specific power to create and express? All these questions represent as many starting points to draw a definition of theatricality.

This book was born from the theorist’s quest and desire to understand the origins of the formidable power exerted on us by theatre, by this form of art whose essence we can only tackle if we make ourselves continuously available to the the manifestations of its secret nature.

Anca Ioniță