class="">To Be Continued. Dance performance

To Be Continued. Dance performance

11 November| 22:00 –

The show has been available for viewing from Thursday, November 11, from 22.00, until Saturday, November 13, at 22.00.

When something comes, something must go.This idea can seem trivial in everyday life, yet it also encompasses the ancient concepts of death and rebirth. This cycle is infinite and always resuming. It goes on forever. Even the title seems to shine down on the choreography itself…

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Dancers: Sebnem Gülseker, Alexander Korn, Anastasia Kurkova, Sven Seidelmann, Weronika Frodyma, Giacomo Bevilacqua

Concept and choreography: Xenia Wiest

Music: Patrick Soluri

Costumes: Melanie Jane Frost

Light: Xenia Wiest

Duration: 16 mins

A co-production of Komische Oper Berlin and Staatsballett Berlin

„ Parts of the music were still being created even after I had begun with the choreographing process.With each new passage of music I received from Patrick Soluri, I had to find a new approach to the sequences of movements that had already been created and, together with my dancers, let the motions spin and develop in the right direction. It was a working process accompanied by the constant thrill of not knowing what to expect upon receiving the next piece of music.”Xenia Wiest