10 November | 21:00 – Bulandra Theatre, Liviu Ciulei” Hall (Izvor)

Betrayal is a poignant reenactment, in reversed order, of the shaping and the disintegration of the love triangle between Jerry – Emma – Robert.



By: Harold Pinter

Translation and adaptation for stage: Bobi Pricop


Emma: Elena Purea

Robert: Richard Balint

Jerry: Theo Marton

The Waiter: Mihai Crăciun

Directed by: Bobi Pricop

Set design: Oana Micu

Choreography, original music and sound design: Eduard Gabia

Light design: Attila Kászoni

Producer: The Târgu-Mureș National Theatre, Liviu Rebreanu Company

Duration: 1h 30min

Not suitable under 14 years of age

Performance in Romanian with English subtitles

One of the oldest and most feared enemies of marriage and erotic relationships in general – infidelity – is the main theme of this play, written by the famous English playwright Harold Pinter, a Nobel Prize winner for Literature. Jerry, Emma ad Robert are part of a love triangle in which each individual loves, betrays and abandons any principles and convictions, succumbing to uncontrollable impulses. Against the apparently idyllic background of happy, successful families, there is the shadow of three adults that are incapable to manage their friendships, their passions and the duplicity that start to define their lives.

Photo credit: Cristina Gânj (Bristena)