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Medea. Anger

9 November | 20:00 – Apropo Theater

10 November | 20:30 – Apropo Theater

The performance reinterprets the ancient myth of Medea and transforms the power relationships of this tragedy’s characters, from the perspective of certain contemporary questions.



By: Radu Popescu

Translated by: Sidonia Doica


Medea: Valentina Zaharia

Jason: Denis Hanganu

Kreon: Lucian Pavel

Glauke: Fulvia Folosea

Andrea: Sidonia Doica

Directed by: Radu Popescu

Set design: Diana Miroșu

Choreography: Teodora Tudose

Original music: Adrian Piciorea

Multimedia: Diana Butnaru

Light design: Anthony-Michael Lungu-Deaibes

Sound design: Eduard Davidescu

Producer: Apropo Theater (TEATRUL.RO Association)

Duration: 1h 35min

Not suitable under 14 years of age

 Performance in Romanian with English subtitles

What does it mean to be “a good parent”? How do we deal with the tensions that arise from the clash between the personal life of an adult and the sacrifices needed to raise one’s children? How rational can someone be when facing their own emotions?

Photo credit: Vlad Bîrdu