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Omission Possible

6 November| 16:00 – I.L.Caragiale National Theater, Atelier Hall

FREE ADMISSION  – limited places available

Documentary. Immersive and interactive installation.

Omnia Hall like it’s never been seen before! A creation of the Austrian artistic collective Mutual Loop, especially made for this space, which has had anything but a quiet history, this immersive and interactive installation has opened up this almost forgotten building in an exceptional manner, attempting to question the perception of contemporary man on the effects of the passage of time on buildings and historical symbols. The installation has been available for viewing between 26 – 28 August.

Introduction by: Oana Cristea Grigorescu


By: Mutual Loop (Martina Tritthart, Holger Lang)

Artists participating: Iosif Király, Aurora Király, Tavi Angheluș, Irina Motroc, Ina-Alice Dănila, X-Art Collective, Diana Drăghici, Denise Lobonț, Mara Mărăcinescu, Amalia Mititileu, Diana Păun, Ana Petrovici-Popescu, Sever Petrovici-Popescu, Elena Preda, Angelica Stan, Béla Zoltán, Alina Tofan, Valentin Teodoreanu, Teodora Tudose, Mutual Loop

Direction and set design:  Mutual Loop (Martina Tritthart, Holger Lang)

Producer: Mutual Loop (Holger Lang / Martina Tritthart) in collaboration with The National Center for Dance Bucharest and  The Austrian Cultural Forum, as part of the s[a]it{life} initiative, with the support of The Ministry for European and International Affairs of Austria.

Duration: 1h 30min

General audience

Event in English (without Romanian subtitles)

At this year’s NTF, Martina Tritthart, Holger Lang and the Romanian artists participating in this project will present the movie documenting this innovative installation. The artists will also be available for a Q&A session with the audience about the performative instruments and contemporary art that can contribute to a change of perception about a space that has been previously ignored/ dodged, and that can help raise awareness on the benefits of an artistic recovery of such heritage.

Mutual Loop is the name by which Martina Tritthart and Holger Lang have been creating installations in various European countries since 2018.Their artistic interventions are tailored to public spaces but can be exhibited in more traditional exhibition spaces as well. One of the artists’ main intention is to stimulate the interaction between their installations and existing contexts, their dialogue with the environment and the audience.

Photo credit: Mutual Loop