class="">The Theater Island VR (performative installation)

The Theater Island VR (performative installation)

5 – 13 November

I.L. Caragiale Theater Bucharest, Ion Caramitru Hall (Big Hall) – The Marble Foyer (ground floor)

Monday – Sunday, 11:00 – 18:00


This new staging of Richard the III brings a postmodern approach of the famous  Shakespearean play.



Sebastian Marina, Claudia Ardelean, Fatma Mohamed, Elena Popa, Anca Pitaru, Mona Codreanu, Iulian Trăistaru, Costi Apostol, Ion Fiscuteanu Jr., Marius Popa, Ștefan Forir, Sergiu Aliuș

Children: Andreas Marina, Christof Marina and Matei Popa

Direction and set design: Eugen Gyemant

Costumes: Cristina Milea

Producer: Andrei Mureșanu Theater Sf. Gheorghe with the support of AFCN.

The performance is divided into 13 episodes and is available for free streaming on and with English subtitles.

Both costumes and set design are adapted to our current times, yet preserve a series of features that suggest the style of the Victorian era. Furthermore, the director has remained faithful to the original text, which makes this staging a successful combination of old and new.