class="">Can we still talk about love nowadays?

Can we still talk about love nowadays?

8 November| 13:30 – The Central School

„Can we still talk about love nowadays?” – a reading performance on texts by Svetlana Aleksievici,Alain Besançon and Denis de Rougemont. Since 24. February 2022, history changed the lives of millions of people. It is not the first time this happens, but we all wish to not repeat the traumatizing experiences of the war. We cannot stop the war bu only through becoming aware of the dimensions of the evil it causes.

Text fragments by: Svetlana Aleksievici, Denis de Rougemont, Alain Besançon
Translated by: Antoaneta Olteanu, Mircea Ivănescu, Mona Antohi
Adapted for stage by: Adriana Moca

Cast: Adriana Moca, Anda Saltelechi

Directed by: Adriana Moca

Producer: Vis-a-Vis Cultural Association

Duration: 50min
General audience

Adriana Moca and Anda Saltelechi will be reading a text about the testimonies of children who survived the Second World Was, and the way a child related to the Evil that haunts the world. History is best learned when accompanied by emotion, faces and voices, when the raw story becomes art and transforms into a catharctic experience!