class="">Big Round of Applause for the World Theatre Day


Big Round of Applause for the World Theatre Day




When all the standards of our world collapse, we come back and stay with the theatre, an oasis of our old ideals of humanity, truth and beauty.

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On the World Theatre Day, the National Theatre Festival team uses the opportunity to express their gratitude for having been assigned such an honourable mission. The National Theatre Festival, the work of actors, stage directors, art directors and technicians in Romania, has been writing history for 28 years, and we feel proud and deeply obliged.

We are also happy to see that, in such a maddening world, which drives so many people completely puzzled, theatre is still a reference. Because we come to the theatre as much when we need a human dose of spirituality as when we want to fill ourselves with joy, when we want to ponder for a while, when we search for stories or for hope. One cannot escape the beauty of theatre. We need theatre in order to raise our survival to the height of real life.

On the World Theatre Day (written in capital letters!), we salute once again all the theatre creators and spectators, without whom nothing would ever be possible.

In 2018, the National Theatre Festival will bring new emotions to you, in the city of Bucharest, in October. This year again, the artistic director of the Festival will be theatre critic Marina Constantinescu. The selection of the national plays to be invited to the NTF 2018 will be announced at the beginning of July. 

The 28th edition of the National Theatre Festival is dedicated to outstanding Romanian theatre director Cătălina Buzoianu.

The National Theatre Festival team

Opening photo – “Pirandello Café”, “Regina Maria” Theatre, Oradea. Photographer: Mihaela Marin