class="">A Beautiful Book About a Beautiful Human. Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan

A Beautiful Book About a Beautiful Human. Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan

O carte frumoasă despre un om frumos. Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan

by Rodica Mandache

Oscar Print Publishing House, 2021

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“Such books mean the joy of saving theatre from oblivion, through nostalgia and confession. Rodica Mandache, a human being that no stage character can comprehend, takes the seat of the spectator, of those who look and admire. Next to her, in this imaginary venue, sit great personalities, united by the same noble love. Such demonstration of generosity! Such gesture of tenderness, in a world becoming increasingly indifferent to theatre! This book is not just a portrait, it is a heartfelt declaration, written in the name of an entire generation and dedicated to a princely, unique actor: Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan.

A Hamlet of the spirit, now crowned by the reverence of those who had the chance to see his amazing talent shine. The graceful moments on stage are converted into memories, and the memories into words, into pages about a past extended into a continuous present. It is the present time of reading the book, a time received as a gift from an ageless, timeless actress. ”

Octavian Saiu

“This book is like telling a story; totally special. It has a mosaic structure, a journey into memories, into the past. The story is that of man who was befriended to the author. Rodica Mandache calls Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan, “the ineffable”, “the incomparable”. He was known for his morality, for his sternness, disguising the gentle and tender man discoverable only to those who could find the way to his true self. He was an actor destined for lead roles; whenever he was cast in a supporting part he turned that part into the lead. What could be considered Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan’s testament? Theatre, art, are therapy. We find ourselves in the waiting room of the Apocalypse, we live in fear. Art means salvation for the mind and soul. Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan said that theatre makers must assume a heroic condition, because they offer everything. Actors, theatre people must bring seeds of kindness and hope in the souls of the spectators. ”

Ludmila Patlanjoglu