class="">A History of Romanian Theatre from Communism to Capitalism. Children of a Restless Time

A History of Romanian Theatre from Communism to Capitalism. Children of a Restless Time

A History of Romanian Theatre

by Cristina Modreanu

Routledge (Taylor and Francis Group), 2020

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”A History of Romanian Theatre from Communism to Capitalism. Children of a Restless Time” by Cristina Modreanu unveils the surprising changes having taken place over the past three decades, from 1989 to present. Using the personal note of an insider, whose entire career overlaps with the analysed time span, the author connects Romanian theatre to the international scene, describing, at the same time, in detail and from the contemporary point of view of the experienced professional, the slow but constant process of reconnecting the local theatrical machinery with the new tendencies in world theatre, especially the ethical twist noticed in the field of theatre as well as in that of performance.

This is the first synthetic book in English, entirely dedicated to theatre in Romania and published by a prestigious Publishing House.

”A History…” questions the relationship between artists and power, before 1989, behind the Iron Curtain, as well as in today’s global political context, when nationalism manifests again in Eastern Europe and beyond. This study is about theatre as a force of change, casting a necessary light over the complex cases of some renowned Romanian creators, who built an international career in exile, like Lucian Pintilie, Liviu Ciulei and Andrei Șerban, as well as the most innovative artists in today’s theatre, like Silviu Purcărete, Mihai Măniuțiu, Gianina Cărbunariu, Radu Afrim, Saviana Stănescu, Alexandra Badea, Bogdan Georgescu among others, who reached the status of transglobal artists.

30 years after the 1989 Revolution, Romanian theatres creators are now free to make their voices heard and contribute to the foundations of a new society. Looking toward the future of the Romanian scene, in a global context, Cristina Modreanu’s book asks a key question: is the theatres capable of revitalizing and reforming a society?

„This book will certainly become an indispensable guide for the most recent decades of Romanian theatre, as well as an excellent pair of compasses for getting to know the new generations.”

Tom Sellar, editor of the Theater magazine, published by Yale University

”Cristina Modreanu is a life-long observer and active participant in Romanian Theatre. She holds up the mirror but also shapes the scene through here impressive curatorial work at Romania’s most significant theatre festivals. Carefully, with great attention to detail, she describes the historical and newly emerging performative landscape like a cartographer.”

Frank Hentschker, director of the ”Martin Segal” Theatre Centre at the CUNY University, New York