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Actor, Jester, Clown


by Mihai Mălaimare

RAO Publishing House, 2021

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The book is a continuation of the theatrical research undertaken by the author for his doctoral thesis titled: The Clown, as a Depository of Theatricality. The research is much extended to another interesting character, the Jester, widely used in mask-based theatrical pedagogies (Lecoq) and usually studied together with the Clown, as they have many common features as well as a few diverging ones, placing these formidable characters in perfect antithesis. The book also contains a lot of information about the author’s own experience in the field of clowning and a colossal story about the tragic fate of one of the most interesting clowns of the Globus Circus in Bucharest, Marcel Bejenariu, known by his arena name, Marcelino!

“It is a book about Destiny, one that doesn’t choose, one that decides with no right to appeal! My encounter with the Circus happened because my life was going to be a performance all inclusive: lights, applause, smiles, but also pain, falls and death. The joy brought by the belief that I managed to discover my own clown, the happiness of being able to look with the eyes of a child at every soul that life has brought in my way, is planted in my soul and lives on!
The world bursts into laughter, and we smile, as this family of ours – the Actor (uttering the words sententiously), the Jester (wearing the mask of the satirist) and the Clown (always stumbling and stretches his entire body out) – they are on stage together, suffocating an audience ready to die of laughter. ”

Mihai Mălaimare