class="">Poil de Carotte (Carrot Head)

Poil de Carotte (Carrot Head)

27 November | 23:00 –

morcoveata captura

The show has been available for viewing from Saturday, 13 November, 11:00, until Monday, 15 November, 11:00

”Poil de Carotte, one of the most famous stories among those born before 1989, is not just a children’s story, as one might think. It is also one for parents nowadays, who are overwhelmed by unhappiness and, abandoning all hope, surrender to it. It’s a story for the adults clumsily trying to mask the wounds of the child who was abandoned in the silence of their own, emotionally absent family.”



Author: Jules Renard

Reading performance

Concept, adaptation and translation: Adriana Moca


Jules Renard/Poil de Carotte (Carrot Head): Marius Florea Vizante

Mrs Lepic: Emilia Popescu

Mr Lepic: Richard Bovnoczki

Anette: Adriana Moca

Vis-à-vis Cultural Association

Duration: 50 min

“111 years after Jules Renard’s passing, key elements from this play, like physical and emotional distancing, make a comeback into our lives with a whole new meaning. Whether it’s a good thing or not to tell the truth, and what it means to be happy – these are questions that are surely worth it for us to reflect upon, (re)discovering characters that find themselves in a hectic search for love and closeness. There is a high chance that the essence of Poil de Carotte lingers in each of us.” – Adriana Moca