class="">Students’ House Bucharest – Stories, Tales, Memories…

Students’ House Bucharest – Stories, Tales, Memories…

collected by Doru Ionescu

Casa de pariuri literare Publishing House, 2021

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„The Students’ House Bucharest is, first of all, a laboratory of tests, of searches, and less of an institution of performances. It is a space that facilitates the expression of serious young people, who approach a field of art beyond amateurism. […] Because The Students’ House was an oasis of art and culture, a place where the amateur artistic movement aimed at professionalism, it acted as the strongest influencer of the Romanian elite, at their age of formation. Just like when it was built, the Students’ House does not age, but is renewed with each admission and enriched with each generation of graduates. ”

Doru Ionescu and Anda Avrămuț

The book is part of the Bucharest Cultural Brand project, produced by Casa de Pariuri Literare Publishing House and co-financed by the City Hall of Bucharest through ARCUB within the Bucharest – Open City 2021 Program. For detailed information about the financing program of Bucharest City Hall through ARCUB, please visit