class="">The Mine Trilogy. Episode 1. Flowers

The Mine Trilogy. Episode 1. Flowers

7 November | 17:00 –

The show has been available for viewing from Sunday, November 7, from 17.00, until Tuesday, November 9, at 17.00. To activate the English translation, press the CC button at the bottom of the video.

Nothing has been happening for a long time now. Nothing good. Does anyone truly know themselves? Does anyone know what lies within the Other? When was the last time someone died a natural death? The mine closed. Everyone left for the city. Time marches on. What a pity. At least we know how to keep the traditions alive. And to abandon ourselves to the forest. You know what? There`s no such thing as normal life. There’s just life. And it`s happening now, not in a month or two. At this very moment.

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Author: Csaba Székely

Translation by Sándor László and Csaba Székely


Iván: Cezar Antal

Ilonka: Irina Antonie

Mihály: Bogdan Nechifor

Irma: Antoaneta Zaharia

Illés: Ioan Coman

Direction: Horia Suru

Set design and costumes: Raluca Alexandrescu

Original music Petre Ancuța

Light design: Andrei Marin

Romanian Playwrights Theatre Bucharest

Duration: 1 h 20 min

Not suitable unde 16 years of age

Performance in Romanian with English subtitles

In the way Horia Suru imagined this trilogy, the accent falls undoubtedly on the character. Actually, on the typology. For him it’s not the name that matters, but rather what each of the five characters represents within this performance. He builds relatable relationships between those five, places them on stage at particular times, but also considers their mutual past, gives each one the right to be endowed with both qualities and flaws, without fighting for supremacy; in other words, none of the characters of each episode is either the best or the worst of all. Hence, the challenge of the director – the viewer will be able to recognize features of one or the other social or political character in Romania’s present, but never completely”. Nona Rapotan, „Trilogie în cinci personaje”,, 1 July 2021

Photo credit: Anastasia Atanasoska