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Three Tall Women

9 November, ora 18:00 – Regina Maria Theatre Oradea (under the umbrella of the NTF)

Three Tall Women, directed by Diana Păcurar and produced by the Regina Maria Theatre in Oradea has not been granted online streaming rights by the agency managing Edward Albee’s royalty. The performance is scheduled at the theatre in Oradea, on November 9th. at 18:00, under the umbrella of the NTF.

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Author: Edward Albee

Translation by Diana Păcurar


A: Corina Cernea

B: Mihaela Gherdan

C: Alina Leonte

The boy: Eugen Neag

Direction: Diana Păcurar

Set and costumes design: Oana Cernea

Set design assistant: Ilinca Ghimbășan

Choreography: Selina Colceru

Regina Maria Theatre Oradea

Duration: 1 h 30 min

Not suitable under 16 years of age

Diana Păcurar — nominated at the 2021 UNITER Awards, in the Debut Category

How much can you assume responsibility for your own mistakes? How can you manage to make peace with yourself, in various stages of your life? If you had a chance to go bac in time, would you change anything? If you had a chance to start over with the journey of your life, how would you react in front of challenges? Discover the encounter between three women, three perspectives and one single relentless destiny. This performance captures the story of a life seen from different perspectives, which all cross paths in key moments lafen with emotion and subjectivism.

“Three Tall Women is a particularly subtle text, requiring a certain kind of sensitivity, reasoning and patience, both from the point of view of the director as well as the actor. Hence, albeit knowing this text since a few years ago ad having the desire to stage it, I never felt there was a good time to face its challenges until now. Often, it so happens that personal and artistic life intertwine naturally and, once my grandmother passed, I realized there are a lot of similarities between her and the main character in this play by Albee. As a consequence, I worked on this performance while having my grandmother totally on my mind, and this has turned into a special and powerful motivation, which I called upon throughout the rehearsals.”– Diana Păcurar, director

Photo credit: Remus Toderici