class="">V.I.P. – Very Isolated Person

V.I.P. – Very Isolated Person

12 November | 19:30 –

The show has been available for viewing from Friday, November 12, from 7.30 pm until Friday, November 12, at 8.30 pm. To activate the Romanian translation, press the CC button in the bottom bar of the video.

LIVE / One-time broadcast through ZOOM. Viewers are invited to log in through this link.

The registered users will receive notifications before the beginning of the performance, as well as webinar access instructions. The performance will be presented in German with Romanian and English subtitles. The audience will remain anonymous throughout the performance. For an enjoyable experience please install the ZOOM app on your computer and watch using headphones. The performance will also be viewable live on this page, but for quality viewing we recommend you to register on the link above.
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Free adaptation after The Seagull by A.P. Chekov

Translation by Olga Török


Nina: Olga Török

Concept: Paula Lynn Breuer and Olga Török

Video: Cristian Ienciu, Ovidiu Zimcea

Assistant director: Silvia Török

Script: Rudolf Herbert

Make up: Bojita Ilici

German State Theatre Timișoara

Duration: 1 h

Not suitable under 12 years of age

Performance in German with Romanian and English subtitles

This performance was nominated for the UNITER 2021 Awards, in the `Best TV theatre/Teleplay performance” category.

An actress, Olga Török, plays Nina, the young woman from Chekhov’s drama, who is herself an actress. Nina, who shares her painful experiences, and, at the same time, is able to look confidently towards the future raises questions which Olga wishes to have an answer to. What meaning does acting still have if theatre goes online and the performance hall remains empty? How can you cope with „social distancing”? How does the public perceive a performance where the real interaction between themselves and the actor is missing? Nina tells the story and Olga asks the questions. Or is it the other way around? Does Nina ask the questions, while Olga and the public seek the answers? The audience is also invited to enter this dialogue with Nina and Olga, in this interactive performance.

V.I.P. – Very Isolated Person is an artistic statement about how challenging it is for artists to manage these pandemic times. This performance was born online, on ZOOM, out of the need to express and experiment a new way and a new possibility to get close to the audience. The fact that it is interactive and the sharing of personal experiences make the viewers feel like the recipients of this production.

Nina from Chekov’s The Seagull starts a dialogue with Olga. The deep need to perform, to act is present in both of them, Hence, an organic intertwining between reality and fiction is born. ‘The new forms’ that the Chekovian character Treplev talks about resonate in V.I.P. – Very Isolated Person. Working on this project is transforming alongside the times we are living; it is a testimony of the present.”Olga Török, actress and director

Photo credit: Ovidiu Zimcea