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Fathers and Sons

7 November | 19:00 – I.L. Caragiale National Theatre Bucharest, on Caramitru Hall (Big Hall)

Fathers and Sons by Brian Friel (adapted for stage after Turgenev’s novel), in Vlad Massaci’s staging at the National Theater, reflects exactly what the British philosopher Isaiah Berlin said: “… a valuable document for understanding both Russia’s past and our present.”



By: Brian Friel

Adapted for stage after a novel by Turgenev

Translated by: Vlad Massaci


(in the order indicatred by the author):

Evgheni Vasilici Bazarov, a student: Andrei Huțuleac

Arcadi Nicolaevici Kirsanov, a student: Alexandru Potocean

Nikolai Petrovici Kirsanov, Arcady’s father landlord: Mihai Călin

Pavel Petrovici Kirsanov, Arcady’s uncle, a retired officer: Richard Bovnoczki

Vasili Ivanici Bazarov, Evgheny’s father, a retired army doctor: Vitalie Bichir / Tomi Cristin

Arina Vlasievna Bazarov, Evgheny’s mother: Diana Dumbravă

Fenicika Fedosia Nicolaevna, Nicolai’s lover: Cosmina Olariu

Ana Sergheievna Odintzov, landlady: Crina Semciuc

Caterina Sergheievna Odintzov, Ana’s sister: Măriuca Bosnea

Princess Olga: Emilia Popescu

Duniasha, servant at the Kirsanovi: Fulvia Folosea

Piotr, servant at the Kirsanovi: Emilian Mârnea

Procofici, maid at the Kirsanovi; Timofeici, servant at the Bazarovi: Mihai Verbițchi

Fedca, servant’s aid at the Bazarovi: Andrei Tomi


Directed by: Vlad Massaci

Set: Adrian Damian

Costumes: Luiza Enescu

Stage movement: Florin Fieroiu

Vocal coaching: Monica Ciută

Light design: Cristian Șimon

Video design: Constantin Șimon

Assistant director: Simina Siminie

Set design assistants: Șteff Chelaru, Ioana Groza


Producer: I.L. Caragiale National Theatre Bucharest

Duration: 3h 15 min (with intermission)

General audience

Performance in Romanian with English subtitles

You are therefore invited to a show of striking relevance, in which you will find the atmosphere of Russian theater with its characters trapped in a maze of endless emotions and discussions, as well as the English humor and fine irony arising the Irish playwright’s pen. You will be seduced by the refined and nuanced acting of the actors, carefully and sensitively guided by the director throughout an action that flows naturally in its dramatic moments. The world of “parents”, “out of tune” with the new ideology of the nihilistic youth, sinking into their own inability to change, finds its scenic transposition with deep meanings under the signature of artists Adrian Damian (sets) and Luiza Enescu (costumes). In fact, through his performance, Vlad Massaci reveals how Turgenev / Friel’s entire human comedy becomes the drama of an entire world forced to endure the catastrophic aftermath of the ideologies that have marked the history of civilization and humanity.

Photo credit: Florin Ghioca