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Sit Down or Fall

26 October | 12:00 – Secondary School no. 96       

Closed event

About what it means to suffer from epilepsy and how it is to make others understand that a disorder is not a disgrace.

The event is part of Educational NTF: Performances in secondary and high schools   

Based on: Bogdan Munteanu

Stage adaptation: Bogdan Munteanu, Daniela Șilindean


Ciprian: George Cocoș

Iulia, TV Host, Adriana, Dispatch: Ioana Corban

Grandma, Pîpîtî, Saleswoman, Cleaning agent, Doctor: Liliana Mavriș Vârlan

Mază, Gina, Becky: Ionela Arvinte

Paramedic, Marcel, Rănitul, Cab driver, Cecky: Cosmin Rotariu

Paramedic, Che, Mubo, Security, Writer: Dragoș Maftei


Direction and stage design: Cristi Avram

Assistant director: Miruna Hriscu



Producer: Luceafărul Theatre for Children and Youth Iași

Duration: 1h 20 min (no intermission)

Recommended age: 14+  

The Educational NTF Module is made with the support of Direction for Culture Bucharest 


“One in a hundred people has epilepsy. Yet epilepsy remains covert. Shortly after looking at the condition objectively and somewhat detached, I thought of writing a novel on the subject. I sought to better understand the perspectives of those who witness the unpredictable manifestations of the disease. I read other books on the matter. I was enchanted by Epileptic by David B., a graphic novel about life with a brother suffering from epilepsy. One day, I wrote two lines:

What’s your name?

I don’t know.

That’s it! I shouted. That’s how the book will begin. The rest came naturally.

Cipri, the protagonist of Sit Down or Fall, stubbornly tells of his vulnerability. Let Cipri live with Epi, not the other way around, especially since normality, as we all know it, can be so easily lost. The illness is accompanied by a kind of humor – both Cipri and those who witness his outbursts perceive reality in a distorted way. Some know nothing about epilepsy, others know too much.

Readers’ reactions overwhelmed me. Many of them opened up. I listened to stories, made friends. Together with a few other warm-hearted people, I worked on other projects to normalize the dialogue about epilepsy. The show mirroring the novel is one new step in this journey.” (Bogdan Munteanu)

Photo credit: Luceafărul Theatre Iași