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Young Barbarians

NTF 33 SELECTION, 29 oct|

29 October | 17:00 – I.L.Caragiale National Theater Bucharest, Pictură Hall The performance Young Barbarians explores the friendship between two famous Hungarian composers, Bartók Béla and Kodály Zoltán, at an incredible pace, full of imagination. CUMPĂRĂ BILETE [same_day_events_link] Inspired by the life of Bartók Béla and Kodály Zoltán, based on a text by Miklós Vecsei H. and the improvisation work of the creative team   Cast: Girl: Zsuzsa Tőtszegi Barbarian B.: Éva Imre Barbarian K.: Ervin Szűcs Voice: Balázs Bodolai Balázs Béla, [...]


NTF 33 SELECTION, 28 oct|

28 October | 19:00 – unteatru   Two families try to forgive each other and move on. They look for the guilty, they look for stories to justify their destiny, they look for answers. CUMPĂRĂ BILETE [same_day_events_link] By: Fran Kranz With: Ofelia Popii Mihaela Trofimov Richard Bovnoczki Marius Turdeanu Directed by: Andrei & Andreea Grosu     Set design: Vladimir Turturica   Coproduced by: Radu Stanca National Theater Sibiu and unteatru, Bucharest Duration: 1h 25 min (no intermission) Recommended age: 14+ Performance in [...]

Shove it

NTF 33 SELECTION, 28 oct|

28 October | 21:30 – ODEON Theater, Bucharest, Studio Hall A young woman working for an erotic phone line but believes in love and the beautiful gifts of life, records for us the rattle of the world as it is. CUMPĂRĂ BILETE [same_day_events_link] Based on: the novel Băgău / Shove it by Ioana Bradea Stage adaptation: Cristina Giurgea Cast: Andreea: Iulia Colan Nicole: Edith Mag Silvia: Alina Mangra Corina: Anca-Maria Ilinca / Monica Ardeleanu Denisa: Costinela Ungureanu Cătălina: Raluca Păun Marius: [...]

Truth’s a Dog Must to Kennel


27 October | 17:00 – I.L.Caragiale National Theater Bucharest, Atelier Hall The Fool leaves ‘King Lear’ before the killing starts. Before the ice-creams in the interval. CUMPĂRĂ BILETE [same_day_events_link] Written and performed by: Tim Crouch Co-directed with: Karl James, Andy Smith Sound-design and composition: Pippa Murphy Lighting design: Laura Hawkins Produced by: Royal Lyceum Theater, Edinburgh Duration: 1h 15 min (no intermission)   Age recommendation: 14+  In English with Romanian surtitles In this new solo work, Tim Crouch (‘My [...]

Agnes of God

NTF 33 SELECTION, 27 oct|

27 October | 18:30 – Nottara Theater, “George Constantin" Hall Somewhere between mystery and psychological thriller, Agnes of God, the challenging play of American playwright John Pielmeier, speaks of faith and salvation, of redemption and healing. CUMPĂRĂ BILETE [same_day_events_link] By: John Pielmeier Translated by: Bogdan Budeș   Cast: Agnes: Cristina Juncu Martha Livingstone: Luminița Erga / Isabela Neamțu Abbess Miriam: Victoria Cociaș / Crenguța Hariton Directed by: Sânziana Stoican Set design: Valentin Vârlan Soundtrack: Cristina Juncu Producer: “Nottara" Theater, Bucharest Duration: [...]

When the rain will stop

NTF 33 SELECTION, 26 oct|

26 October | 21:30 – Small Theater This production presents a series of interconnected stories extracted from the lives of seven characters confronting the mysteries of their past in order to comprehend what the future holds. CUMPĂRĂ BILETE [same_day_events_link] By: Andrew Bovell Translation: Radu Iacoban   Cast: Andreea Grămoșteanu Diana Cavallioti Ilinca Manolache Alina Rotaru Ionuț Vișan Cezar Grumăzescu Virgil Aioanei Viorel Cojanu Andrei Brădean Directed by: Radu Iacoban Stage and video design: Tudor Prodan   Stage movement: Ștefan Lupu Original [...]

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

NTF 33 SELECTION, 25 oct|

25 October | 19:00 – Metropolis Theater, Olga Tudorache Hall Berlin of 1988, Hansel Schmidt becomes Hedwig Robinson following a failed gender-affirming surgery in order to flee to America. The Berlin Wall falls shortly after, and Hedwig continues to search for freedom and love all his life. CUMPĂRĂ BILETE [same_day_events_link] By: John Cameron Mitchell Translation: Carmen Stanciu Music and lyrics: Stephen Trask Lyrics translation: Alex Ștefănescu   Cast: HEDWIG: Lucian Ionescu / Tudor Cucu-Dumitrescu IITZHAK:  Ana Maria Ivan / Crina Matei [...]

ROPEWALKING – 7 Days in the Life of Country Teachers

NTF 33 SELECTION, 25 oct|

25 October | 21:30 – ODEON Theater, Bucharest, Studio Hall Five dedicated teachers want to change the world from their classroom. The world is not so easy to change. CUMPĂRĂ BILETE [same_day_events_link] By: David Schwartz Cast: Vasile, Counselor: David Drugaru Patricia: Anamaria Feraru Otilia, Mrs. Mayor: Silvana Mihai Emilia, Mrs. Inspector: Katia Pascariu Dacian: Tavi Voina Directed by: David Schwartz Set design: Irina Gâdiuță Choreography: Paula Dunker / Paul Dunca Original music: Paul-Ovidiu Cosovanu Assistant director and production: Eva Todică Graphics: [...]

Seaside Stories

NTF 33 SELECTION, 25 oct|

25 October | 18:00 – I.L. Caragiale Theater Bucharest, Ion Caramitru Hall (Big Hall) Flashing encounters, short but intense moments taken from real life, perhaps those that we all lived at the seaside, with our feet full of sand. CUMPĂRĂ BILETE [same_day_events_link] By: Marius Chivu, Lavinica Mitu, Dan Alexe, Simona Goșu, Tudor Ganea, Nicoleta Dabija Stage adaptation: Radu Afrim Cast: Alerga frumos cu genunchii la piept by Tudor Ganea Tudorel: Ștefan Mihai Mother: Laura Iordan Father: Iulian Enache Cătălin: Theodor Șoptelea [...]

La Ronde

NTF 33 SELECTION, 25 oct|

25 October | 21:00 – I.L. Caragiale National Theater Bucharest, Pictură Hall The performance offers uninterrupted stories in which every character's lives and intimate encounter with the next, exploring the diversity of identity and love or sexual practices that unfold in our contemporary society. CUMPĂRĂ BILETE [same_day_events_link] By: Yann Verburgh Inspired by "Dance of Love" by Arthur Schnitzler With: Costin Apostol, Nicholas Cațianis, Ioana Alexandrina Costea, Oana Jipa, Sebastian Marina, Fatma Mohamed, Camelia Paraschiv Kátay, Anca Pitaru, Daniel Rizea, Mădălina Mușat, [...]

The Black Mirror

23 oct, NTF 33 SELECTION|

23 October | 21:30 – I.L. Caragiale National Theater Bucharest, Atelier Hall Luigi Pirandello places us in front of a mirror that makes it tough, but necessary to observe ourselves. But who truly sits in front of the mirror? Is it you "personality"?... Or is it our "core"? CUMPĂRĂ BILETE [same_day_events_link] By: Luigi Pirandello Translated by: Maria Rotar One-man show with: Ionuț Caras Direct by: Roberto Bacci Stage concept: Ionuț Caras Light design: Jenel Moldovan Producer: Lucian Blaga National Theater Cluj-Napoca [...]

TSCHICK. Why We Took the Car

23 oct, NTF 33 SELECTION|

23 October | 21:00 – I.L. Caragiale National Theater Bucharest, Pictură Hall A cool odyssey for young people – the performance "TSCHICK. Why We Took the Car" tells the story of Maik and Tschick, two teenagers convinced that another world from the one they know at home and at school must exist. Maik comes from the German middle-clas but his parents parted ways a long time ago, even though they still live under the same roof. Maik feels like a stranger, just like Tschick, whose family moved from Germany to Russia. [...]