class="">NICU ALIFANTIS 45 · 118 · 54 · 61

NICU ALIFANTIS 45 · 118 · 54 · 61

22 Oct | 17:00 – Bulandra Theatre, „Toma Caragiu” Hall (Exhibition Grand Opening)

20 – 30 Oct | Bulandra Theatre, „Toma Caragiu” Hall

The foyer of the “L. S. Bulandra” Theatre, “Toma Caragiu” Hall, which has witnessed the tremendous stages of Romanian theatre history, is a generous, but uncomprehending host for the “Thirteenth Night” 45 · 118 ·  54 · 61 exhibition.

Wearing the same name as the author performance, which takes place on the stage, the exhibition is a story, just like the performance, a 45-year career storyline with images, a period that is measured in 118 shows, mounted in 54 theatres, with 61 of directors.

Nicu Alifantis offers his extraordinary collection of posters, program notebooks and musical instruments to the audience of Bucharest. The viewer only has to remember, with the help of the image, the effervescent years when Bucharest used to “breathe” authentic, high-class theatre and let himself be carried back in time.

The exhibition – a lively collage of images – can be regarded as a deep reverence in front of the guild colleagues, the unforgettable personalities, the Romanian theatre family. It is, above all, about giving, about respect for the artistic performance. In fact, it is about the immense love that Nicu Alifantis has for the stage.

The Thirteenth Night

(45 years · 118 shows · 54 theatres · 61 directors)

“L. S. Bulandra” Theatre, Toma Caragiu Hall

Curators: Irina Tapalagă and Relu Biţulescu

A National Theatre Festival & alifantismusic production