class="">DIGNITY by Ignasi Vidal

DIGNITY by Ignasi Vidal

27 October | 21:00 –  Principal Theatre, Rapsodia Hall

28 October | 19:00 – Principal Theatre, Rapsodia Hall

An office at the headquarters of a political party. Victor, its leader, represents the party’s hope for a change in society. He invites Alex, his right-hand man and closest friend, to taste a great whisky.


Cast :

Victor: Marius Manole

Alex: Șerban Pavlu

Directed by: Ignasi Vidal

Translation by : Mihaela Stanca

Set Design : Bogdan Amarfi

Costume Design: Adina Buzatu 

Light Design: Dan Bujor

Length: 1 h 15 min  (no intermission)

Avangardia Theatre, Bucharest

What started as a friendly talk will end up revealing some unexpected situations which threaten years of friendship and collaboration. This is a trip within the insides of politics, and the audience will feel like sitting in the office of any political party. In there, two men, close to being in power, after years of dedication to politics, reveal their ambitions, illusions and fears. What started as an improvised relaxed conversation, becomes a tense exchange of blames.

In Dignity, Ignasi Vidal talks about the fight for power inside political parties, about their leaders’ calling and ambition and about how easy it is for civil servants to be manipulated and corrupt when a society lacks total transparency.

He shows us the difference between what we see on television and other media on the one hand and what really happens behind the closed doors of party headquarters, on the other hand.