class="">DRUNKS by Ivan Vyrypaev

DRUNKS by Ivan Vyrypaev

23 October| 20:00 – I.L.Caragiale National Theatre, Bucharest, Big Hall

24 October| 18:00 – I.L.Caragiale National Theatre, Bucharest, Big Hall

Young girls, models, newlyweds, middle-aged couples, bank managers, festival directors, deceived wives and husbands, a total of fourteen men and women of different ages, and different ranks confess in the play, about the world and our lost values.



Márta: Kádár Noémi

Márk: Gáspárik Attila

Magda: Nagy Dorottya

Lőrincz: Bokor Barna

Gusztáv: Kovács Botond

Dóra: B.Fülöp Erzsébet

Károly: Galló Ernő

Laura: Berekméri Katalin

Max: László Csaba

Róza: Moldován Orsolya

Linda: P.Béres Ildikó

Rudolf: Kádár L. Gellért

Mátyás: Bartha László Zsolt

Bíborka: Simon Boglárka

Gábriel: Varga Balázs

A man: Ruszuly Ervin


Voice: Kásler Magda

Double bass: Kostyák Márton

Piano: Boros Csaba

Directed by: Radu Afrim

Set Design: Bartha József

Costumes: Moldován Orsolya

Choreography: Dabóczi Dávid

Original Score: Boros Csaba, Kásler Magda, Kostyák Márton

Assistant Director, Dramaturg: Szabó Réka

Light Design: Aszalos Attila

Length: 3 h 15 min (with intermission)

National Theatre of Târgu Mureș – “Tompa Miklós” Company

Performance in Hungarian with English and Romanian surtitles

Suitable for ages 18 and above

The author of the play, being the continuator of the New Drama movement in Russia and the initiator of the Oxygen artistic movement, experiments a theatrical language based on a completely new aesthetics: although it speaks of the cruel reality that surrounds us, he reintroduces poetry back into the theatre.

Radu Afrim creates real life situations in which the actors talk about their dilemmas in the strange state of drunkenness: Who is not afraid of death? What do faith in God, human fidelity and love mean today, when the everyday experience is not living transcendence but an aspiration to it? How could one live without lies?

The answer obviously depends on us.