class="">EXIT THE KING by Eugène Ionesco

EXIT THE KING by Eugène Ionesco

21 October| 20:00 – I.L.Caragiale National Theatre, The Grand Hall

“I told myself that you can learn how to die, that you can teach others how to die. This seems to me the essential thing we can do, because we are mortals not accepting the fact of dying” ‒ playwright Eugène Ionesco motivates the genesis of his play Exit the King.



Bérenger the First, the king : Victor Rebengiuc

Queen Marguerite, Bérenger’s first wife: Mariana Mihuț

Queen Marie, Bérenger’s second wife: Ana Ciontea          

The Doctor, who is also the king’s surgeon, executioner, bacteriologist, and astrologer : Șerban Pavlu

Juliette, the domestic help and also a registered nurse : Florentina Ţilea

The Guard: Richard Bovnoczki

Translated by: Vlad Russo, Vlad Zografi

Directed by: Andreea & Andrei Grosu

Set Design: Vladimir Turturică

Costumes: Vladimir Turturică

Light Design: Chris Jaeger

Length: 1 h 40 min / (no intermission)

“I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre, Bucharest

English surtitles

. The text is the warmest, most touching and honest confession of the man Eugène Ionesco about the great final encounter. The endless unrests, the permanent agony from his Journals find their dramatic outlet in one of the most profound „poems” about death and its acceptance. An allegoric metaphor of the Passage, a mirroring confession of one’s own conscience. Bérenger’s inner struggle ‒ his revolt, fear, fright, terror, sadness, joy, desire to live, memories, nostalgia, resignation ‒ is nothing but a rite of passage through which he, the man, learns acceptance, learns to die. But Bérenger is not alone. He has his spouse at his side. Queen Marguerite and Queen Marie ‒ two facets of one and the same woman. Marguerite ‒ the initiator, the one facilitating the access to other worlds, “the world before birth and the one after” ‒ she brings him to the world and she also helps him step into the afterworld; Marie ‒ the image of grace, tenderness, frailty ‒ powerless in the face of Death. Exit the King is a show of an overwhelming emotion, where each of us plays the leading role.