class="">MOM, I’VE LOST MY ARM! by Maria Kontorovici

MOM, I’VE LOST MY ARM! by Maria Kontorovici

24 and 26 October| 20:00 –  Odeon Theatre, Majestic Hall

Teenage is the time we start to seek our place and aim in this world. More often than not the search for one’s own identity means confronting essential, sometimes hurtful experiences.



Mashka: Aida Avieriţei

Kostia, Vladik, Mishka, a boy: Emanuel Becheru

Starman: Dragoş Ionescu

Katia: Cristina Mihăilescu

Dasha: Cătălina Bălălău

Sashka, Anya : Corina Grigoraş

The Mother: Sabina Brânduşe

Aunt Sveta : Cătălina Ieşanu

The Grandmother: Loredana Grigoriu

Uncle Fedea, the Grandfather: Tudor Tăbăcaru

Aunt Olga : Gina Gulai

Uncle Luca: Dan Grigoraş

Petea, a boy: Florin Hriţcu

Translated by: Raluca Rădulescu

Directed by: Alexandru Mâzgăreanu

Set Design: Romulus Boicu

Costumes: Alexandra Mâzgăreanu

Stunts: Marian Peter

Original Score : Alexandru Suciu

Length: 2 h (no intermission)

Youth Theatre, Piatra Neamț

English surtitles

Suitable for ages 16 and above

Alexandru Mâzgăreanu proposes a performance full of energy and sensitivity regarding anxieties of this age. Mashka, the main character, is a teenager confronting social and family pressure by escaping, from time to time, in an imaginary world populated with superheroes. Like any teenager, Mashka feels the need to assert herself, to define her own identity, but at the same time she yearns for acceptance in the group and copies others. She wants to be the best, to have extraordinary achievements, to be memorable, so as to be cherished by her friends and her family.

Mom, I’ve lost my Arm! – a performance regarding teenage challenges and ageless self-respect.