class="">Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT), The Netherlands


Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT), The Netherlands

29 October| 20:00 – I. L. Caragiale National Theatre, Big Hall



A production of Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) – The Netherlands




Sol León& Paul Lightfoot

Cast: Meng-Ke Wu, ChloéAlbaret

Olivier Coeffard, Roger Van der Poel, Jorge Nozal

Live camera; Niels Mudde, Chuck Jones

Rotating walls; Spencer Dickhaus, Luca Tessarini, Gregory Lau



Marco Goecke

Cast: Lydia Bustinduy, Aram Hasler

Prince Credell, Olivier Coeffard, Chuck Jones, Jorge Nozal, Jianhui Wang

 Short changeover

THE STATEMENT                                

Crystal Pite

Cast: Meng-Ke Wu, Spencer Dickhaus, Lydia Bustinduy, César Faria Fernandes



Hofesh Shechter

Cast: Chloé Albaret, Alexander Anderson, Jon Bond,  Spencer Dickhaus, Miguel Duarte,

César Faria Fernandes, Alice Godfrey, Aram Hasler, Sebastian Haynes, Chuck Jones,  Paxton Ricketts, Yukino Takaura, Marne van Opstal, Lea Ved, Jianhui Wang


Shoot the Moon revolves around a higher level of expression in relationships. It is about the one thing that can create or change it: the emotions hidden inside. Revolving walls with striking black-and-white wallpaper create three separate rooms, each containing its own love story. The door to the other room always seems to be open and through the window a new world beckons.

Choreography: Sol León & Paul Lightfoot
Music: Philip Glass, ‘Movement II from Tirol Concerto for piano and orchestra’. ©Dunvagen, New York / Albersen Verhuur B.V.,’s-Gravenhage
Light: Tom Bevoort
Decor and costumes: Sol León & Paul Lightfoot

Length: 23 min (no intermission)



The songs You and I and The Way Young Lovers Do by Jeff Buckley, who died tragically and young, deal with love in different ways: the first is slow, with very stretched-out vocals; the second has fast, almost hectic guitar accompaniment. Both songs form the basis for Marco Goecke’s choreography Woke up Blind. The two female and five male dancers are drawn into an acoustic world in which they excel in contesting with Buckley’s vocal power and his frenetic guitar sounds. Like young lovers, they throw themselves into the unknown regardless of the consequences, driven purely by longing. In Woke up Blind, Goecke has once again managed to reach the core of human emotions through pure, highly complex movement. (Nadja Kadel)

Choreography: Marco Goecke
Dramaturge: Nadja Kadel
Music: Jeff Buckley ‘You and I’ (written by Jeff Buckley. Used by permission of Mary Guibert, Successor-in-Interest to the Estate of Jeff Buckley), ‘The Way Young Lovers Do’ (written by Van Morrison Wb Music Corp (ASCAP) and Caledonia Soul Music (ASCAP). All rights administered by Wb Music Corp).
Lights: Udo Haberland
Decor and Costumes: Marco Goecke

Length: 15 min  (no intermission)



The Statement is a wedge of realism; cold and current. We recognize both the characters and the language as being of our world and our time. The Statement is a one-act play, with four characters locked in their own battle for control, and with the morality of their actions: they have been tasked with fueling a conflict in a distant country. Character “A” declares, “For generations they’ve been fighting. All we did was use it. We used it as an opportunity – the attacks – for investment. For growth. We used it.” Now, being asked to take responsibility for their actions in order to exonerate their superiors, a conflict is rising within their department. (Crystal Pite)

Choreography: Crystal Pite
Music: Owen Belton
Playwright: Jonathon Young
Vocal performance: Meg Roe, Colleen Wheeler, Andrew Wheeler, Jonathon Young
Light: Tom Visser
Décor: Jay Gower Taylor
Costumes: Crystal Pite, Joke Visser

Length: 19 min (no intermission)



“When you put your heart on the table, be ready to have it crashed. It’s when life breaks in, a stream of pain, passion, sensation… everything for sensation… we want to feel, we want to live, we want to push far into the suffering, the beauty, the vodka, the TV, the dance routines. Fuck poetry, only Vladimir can save us.” (Facebook)

Choreography: Hofesh Shechter
Music: new composition by Hofesh Shechter (Recorded by het Balletorkest and Slagwerk Den Haag, conductor Matthew Rowe). Strings transcribed by Christopher Allan and arranged by Christopher Allan with Hofesh Shechter
Light: Tom Visser
Set and Costume Designer: Hofesh Shechter
Costumes made by: Yolanda Klompstra

Durata: 30 min  (no intermission)