class="">THE SEAGULL by A. P. Cehov

THE SEAGULL by A. P. Cehov

21 October| 17:00 – unteatru

22 and 23 October| 19:00 – unteatru

„I gladly received the invitation to work with unteatru. Here I found the atmosphere of my youth years at La Mama in New York, the same free and friendly atmosphere, a community of artists whom, without any material considerations, are animated by their passion for theatre and by the desire to discover „new forms”. And the idea of „new forms” led me directly to Treplev and The Seagull, a play which chased me all my life and which I have not fully understood, despite having directed it in different languages ​​on three continents, each time in a different way.



Medvedenko: Ionuț Vișan / Liviu Pintileasa

Mașa : Mădălina Anea / Sabrina Iașchevici

Sorin: Constantin Cojocaru

Treplev: Bogdan Cotleț  / Anghel Damian / Bogdan Nechifor

Nina: Silvana Mihai / Alina Rotaru

Dorn: Richard Bovnoczki / Vitalie Bichir

Polina: Virginia Mirea / Florina Gleznea

Șamraev : Gelu Nițu / Silviu Debu

Arkadina: Mihaela Trofimov / Claudia Ieremia

Trigorin: Emilian Oprea / Richard Bovnoczki

Freely adapted after a translation by  Mașa Dinescu şi Andrei Șerban

Directed by: Andrei Șerban

Stage Manager: Sânziana Stoican

Assistant directors: Cosmin Purice, Florin Liță

Art Direction Advisor : Valentin Vârlan

Project Coordinator : Irina Radu

Costumes: Arkadina – Doina Levintza

Lights and Sound:: Dragoș Mărgineanu, Paul Drăguș

Length: 2 h 30 min  (no intermission)

unteatru, Bucharest

The performance contains loud sounds and strobe light

I really hope that this version is the last one and, although we could not unravel the mystery that makes a story which ends in a violent death to be described by Chekhov as „a comedy”, I have faith that together we can (re)discover the paradox that in theatre, the only permanent thing is the continuous change. If we accept that no condition is permanent, we can start searching.” (Andrei Șerban)