class="">WOLFGANG by Yannis Mavritsakis

WOLFGANG by Yannis Mavritsakis

27 and 28 October| 18:00 – Odeon Theatre, Majestic Hall

By meeting director Radu Afrim, Mavritsaki’s text becomes the structure generating a truly electrifying world on stage, cunningly draped in the abrasive sincerity of extreme situations. Beyond the real event that amazed the public, the challenge of the performance is rendering into perspective the various modalities in which people today seek escape routes away from a standardized environment to which they no longer belong.



Fabiana: Cătălina Bălălău

Wolfgang: Florin Hriţcu

The Father’s Ghost : Andrei Merchea Zapotoţki

The Neighbour: Mircea Postelnicu

Wolfgang’s Mother : Loredana Grigoriu

Wolfgang’s Friend : Emanuel Becheru

The Woman : Cristina Mihăilescu

The Jeweller: Valentin Florea

Fabiana’s Mother: Sabina Brânduşe

Translated by: Doru Mareş

Dramaturgy: Radu Afrim

Directed by : Radu Afrim

Set Design: Romulus Boicu

Costume Design: Erika Márton

Sound Design: Radu Afrim

Song lyrics : Andrei Merchea Zapotoţki

Length: 2 h 20 min  (no intermission)

Youth Theatre, Piatra Neamț

English surtitles

Suitable for ages 16 and above

Some appeal to extremely radical violence stupefying an entire community, while others are forced to immerse into a radical experience in order to understand the deep inner mechanisms that generated the violence. Even more than physical relief, this understanding is the key to the true liberation of the victim, including the freedom to forgive her tormentor.

“This performance reveals how fragile we are, but it also talks about captivity, not necessarily within the confines of a cellar or a trunk; it may be your own family, your own city, your country, with which you develop a relationship of love and hatred; it questions the limits of our tolerance, and whether we often prefer harmful cohabitation to saving ourselves.” (Radu Afrim)