class="">Bucharest. Human Installation

Bucharest. Human Installation

22 October | 22:00 – ARCUB – Hanul Gabroveni, Sala Mare (Big Hall)

28 October | 21:30 – ARCUB – Hanul Gabroveni, Sala Mare (Big Hall)

Bucharest represents us all. It is just the way we care for it, the way we build it and we allow it to develop. It is the city where we study, we work, and we live. The place that we love or hate, which drives us crazy or makes us burst out laughing.



The Capital full of potholes and heavy traffic, but also scattered with magical places. Its spirit, full of striking contrasts, overflowing aggressive energy, corrosive humour, and at the same time candour and surprising beauty, that is the starting point of this performance. A syncretic show which combines dance, music, fine art and video, theatre and performance in an original mix, a faithful and democratic mirror of the meeting of various artists. A theatre installation, an offensive, sequential, frontal, politically engaged show.

Bucharest. Human Installation is a mosaic mirror of all those who contributed to it. It shows Bucharest as seen by a particular group of artists, without an intention of being politically correct. It catches the image of a city which you can recognize or call into question, but which will surely touch us.

Coordinated by Radu-Alexandru Nica  after a concept by Florin Fieroiu

Dramaturgy: Ada Lupu, Florin Fieroiu, Radu-Alexandru Nica


Nicholas Cațianis

Ada Galeș

Dumitru Georgescu

Flavia Giurgiu

Denis Hanganu

Ilinca Manolache

Ioana Marchidan

Dana Marineci

Ciprian Nicula

Performance devised by: Nicholas Cațianis, Irina Crăiță-Mândră, Andu Dumitrescu, Florin Fieroiu, Ada Galeș, Dumitru Georgescu, Flavia Giurgiu, Vlaicu Golcea, Denis Hanganu, Ada Lupu, Ilinca Manolache, Ioana Marchidan, Dana Marineci, Radu-Alexandru Nica, Ciprian Nicula

Concept and making of video installation / object / deformance intro: Andu Dumitrescu

Scenic Movement: Florin Fieroiu

Original Score and Sound Design: Vlaicu Golcea

Assistant Director: Irina Crăiță-Mândră

Duration: 1 h 15 min (no intermission)

ARCUB – The Cultural Centre of Bucharest Municipality