class="">HAMLET|COLLAGE after William Shakespeare

HAMLET|COLLAGE after William Shakespeare

20 October | 20:00
“I. L. Caragiale” National Theatre, Sala Mare (Big Hall)

This is the first Russian production by the legendary Canadian stage director Robert Lepage. The creation of the performance took more than two years and resulted into a hi-tech action designed for only one actor and almost two dozens of backstage staff, including stage technicians, stage managers, electricians, props people, sound and video engineers.



Confined inside a cube hovering above the stage, Hamlet has to incarnate all characters of Shakespeare’s play, one by one; in the course of action he stabs, poisons and drowns himself. In fact all the events of the play take place inside Hamlet’s own imagination, and Hamlet is first revealed to the audience sitting in his room in a mental asylum. Robert Lepage and Evgeny Mironov managed to create a large-scale tragedy of the mind, which turned out to be even more intimidating than the tragedy of real life.

“Hamlet’s main problem is that he thinks too much. He doesn’t find a solution to a task. He is a character who always uses his brain. All in all, a skull serves as a powerful symbol of the theatre and Hamlet. That’s why Shakespeare devised a big scene with a skull, which – after all – is a human’s head. I surely don’t have answers to my numerous questions. That’s why it was interesting to stage a play with a single actor, with the actor’s head.” (Robert Lepage)

Translated by: Mikhail Lozinsky, Boris Pasternak

Adapted by: Robert Lepage

Characters (in order of appearance): Actor, Hamlet, Gertrude, Claudius, Horatio, Ophelia, Laertes, Ghost, Polonius, Rosencrantz, Guildenstern, Osric

Performed by: Evgeny Mironov

With participation of: Vladimir Malyugin

Directed by: Robert Lepage

Set Design: Carl Fillion

Costumes: François St-Aubin

Sound Environment and Music: Josuė Beaucage

Video: Lionel Arnould


Additional music: As Tears Go By interpreted by Marianne Faithfull

Additional images: European Southern Observatory (ESO) Milky Way

Additional images from the movies: Le Temps des Bouffons by Pierre Falardeau,

Hamlet by Grigory Kozintcev 



Set: Carl Fillion

Properties: Claudia Gendreau

Sound Environment and Music: Josue Beaucage

Lighting: Robert Lepage assisted by Bruno Matte

Costumes: François St-Aubin

Images: Lionel Arnould

Assistant Director: Catherine Dorion and Adele Saint-Amand

Director’s Agent: Lynda Beaulieu

Production Director: Julie-Marie Bourgeois and Vanessa Landry-Claverie

Technical Director (creation): Michel Gosselin

Stage Manager (creation): Adèle Saint-Amand

Video Manager (creation): Thomas Payette

Costumes Manager (creation): Eveline Tanguay

Head Stagehand (creation): Pierre Gagné

Consultant Tehnician: Tobie Horswill

Video Consultant: Catherine Guay

Wigs: Richard Hansen

Producer for Ex Machina: Michel Bernatchez


Project dramatist: Roman Dolzhansky

Assistant and Interpreter to Evgeny Mironov: Gurgen Tsaturyan

Stage Managers: Anastasia Galitsyna, Evgeniya Antonyuk

Stage Movement Consultants: Vladimir Malyugin, Leonid Timtsunik

Scenic Speech Consultant: Avangard Leontyev

Technical Production Directors: Andrey Yalovich, Yuri Gnutov, Yuri Romanov

Stage Hands: Valery Gvozdev, Stepan Levankov, Maxim Bolotyko,

Dmitry Nechepurenko, Leonid Kravtsov, Vladislav Nifontov, Dmitry Beliaev

Technicians: Evgeny Kobzev, Anton Ermolenko, Evgeny Motin

Lighting: Anna Tretyakova, Alexey Frolov, Alexander Matveev, Vladimir Ryabov

Sound: Pavel Mikhaylov, Andrey Borisov

Video: Konstantin Dmitriev, Ivan Novikov

Costumes: Elena Kulikova

Make-up: Anna Nikulina

Properties: Yulia Martynenko, Svetlana Grushnikova, Nadezhda Saltykova

International Tours: Ivan Samokhin

Duration: 2 h 10 min  (no intermission) 

Theatre of Nations, Moscow, Russia