class="">If We Would Think Out Loud by Adnan Lugonić

If We Would Think Out Loud by Adnan Lugonić

29 October | 18:00
“I. L. Caragiale” National Theatre, Sala Mare (Big Hall)

In the story imagined by Adnan Lugonić, fifteen characters of different ages but similar conditions are as many faces of the consumer era: furious people with their troubles who become even more furious when their troubles collide. The death of the salesman from the neighbourhood shop reminds them for a moment that they are mortals themselves, and when a young corporate man also kills himself, destiny seems to function by symbolic symmetries.



Radu Afrim invents a show-realm of cabaret that never tries to hide any the protagonists’ dramas. The world of pensioners Constantin and Tamara, of the neighborhood kids Raluca, Claude and Cala, of the widowed taxi driver Juvete who eventually discovers his own son, of the pregnant woman, of the prostitute, of the young gay man who is resentful at his boyfriend’s double-game, of the former goon teacher who is now into boxing – the world of those who are thus confronted with violence and death determines them to become honest, if just for a moment, to say what they really think, to think life out loud.

Translated by: Octavia Nedelcu

Adapted by: Radu Afrim


Him: Cătălin Vieru

Her: Iulia Colan

The Old Man: Constantin Cicort

The Old Woman: Tamara Popescu

Taxi Driver: Marian Politic

Prostitute: Romaniţa Ionescu

Elementary Teacher: Eugen Titu

The First: Claudiu Mihail

The Second: Alex Calangiu

The Third: Raluca Păun

Gay: George Albert Costea

Employer: Dragoş Măceşanu

The Pregnant Woman: Costinela Ungureanu

Lili Fucsia/Mother of the Third: Lili Sîrbu

Taxi Driver’s son: Cătălin Stratonie

Directed by: Radu Afrim

Sets: Vanda Maria Sturdza

Costumes: Lia Dogaru

Choreography: Flavia Giurgiu

Duration: 2 h 45 min  (with intermission) 

“Marin Sorescu” National Theatre, Craiova