class="">Love of People by Dmitri Bogoslavski (Arad)

Love of People by Dmitri Bogoslavski (Arad)

26 octombrie | 21:00 – Odeon Theatre, Studio Hall

27 octombrie | 18:00 – Odeon Theatre, Studio Hall

Dmitri Bogoslavski places his action in a small locality in Russia of our times, where all inhabitants know each other and where all the important issues are subject to debate at the village taproom.



Luska has lived, for years, a bitter life, filled with difficulties of all kind. She is married to an alcoholic, possessive and violent man, and above all she has a child with severe health problems. Sergey, the local policeman, has been in love with Luska for years and everybody knows it. Kolya, the woman’s drunk husband, disappears without a trace and no one knows that, in reality, he was killed by Luska herself. After killing her husband, Luska marries Sergey. But the new marriage won’t bring her the happiness she hoped for, because the ghosts of the past keep haunting her and other misfortunes interfere with her family.

Translated by: Raluca Rădulescu


Kolya: Zoltan Lovas

Luska, his wife: Carmen Vlaga-Bogdan

Olga Borisovna, her mother : Oltea Blaga

Sergey: Andrei Elek

Lidia Fyodorovna, his mother: Liliana Balica

Maska, saleswoman: Mariana Tofan

Ivan: Alex Mărgineanu

Nastia, his wife: Cecilia Lucanu – Donat

Chubasov: Robert Pavicsits

Olga, his sweetheart: Roxana Sabău

A child: Darius Vlaga


Directed by: Vlad Massaci

Set Design, Light Design, Video, Sound Design: Andu Dumitescu  

Duration: 2 h (no intermission) 

“Ioan Slavici” Classic Theatre, Arad