class="">Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Macbeth by William Shakespeare

22 October | 18:00
Bulandra Theatre, “Toma Caragiu” Hall

Probably William Shakespeare’s most famous play, Macbeth portrays the rise and fall of a brave general who, despite being victorious on the battlefield, is finally overwhelmed by a savage desire for power.



Guided by an inciting directorial vision, the performance displays the unstoppable race of Macbeth towards the crown and the tragic ending of his adventure, all carefully orchestrated and underlined through an exceptional choreography. A project that deftly combines theatre, music and dance in a kaleidoscope of image and sound well adjusted to the frenzied rhythm of a wild story.

Translated by: Horia Gârbea

Dramaturgy: Daniel Pribyl


Macbeth: Marius Chivu

Lady Macbeth: Andreea Bibiri

Macduff: Cornel Scripcaru

Banquo: Vlad Zamfirescu

First Witch / Duncan / Porter / Lady Macduff / Doctor: Adrian Ciobanu

Second Witch / Banquo’s Killers / Malcolm: Ilinca Hărnuţ

Donalbain / Third Witch / A Wet Nurse / Seyton / Banquo’s Killers: Irina Ştefan 

Fleance, Banquo’s Son: Flavius Chivu

Macduff’s son, soldiers of the two armies, ghost: Flavia Giurgiu

Lennox, Messenger, Retinue, horse, ghost, army, a sinner: Alin State

Ross, retinue, horse, servant, lord, army, a sinner: Alex Călin

Ross, retinue, army, ghost, Cawdor, photographer: Vlad Benescu

Servant, ghost, retinue, soldiers of the two armies, a sinner: Anca Diana Roșu

Servant, ghost, retinue, domestics, soldiers: Raluca Nicolae/ Brian West

Directed by: Michal Docekal

Sets: Martin Chocholousek

Costumes: Hana Fischerova

Choreography: Arcadie Rusu

Original Score: Ivan Acher

Duration: 2 h 30 min (no intermission) 

“Lucia Sturdza Bulandra” Theatre, Bucharest