class="">My Cold Room by Joël Pommerat

My Cold Room by Joël Pommerat

28 October | 20:00
Odeon Theatre, Majestic Hall

The dull life of a few supermarket employees is determined by two important aspects: hating their awful boss, Blocq, and the continuous bullying and exploiting of their poor, fate-stricken co-worker Estelle. Their uneventful workdays are disturbed by an unexpected announcement made by their boss: Blocq is suffering from an incurable illness, and he wants to leave all his companies to his employees, on the condition that they commemorate him in some way every year. Estelle suggests that they adapt Blocq’s life to the stage together…



Following its Paris premiere in 2011 and several performances in Canada, the United States and Europe, Ma chambre froide by contemporary French playwright and director Joël Pommerat received the Molière Prize as well as the yearly French Critics’ Prize. The play is put to the stage of Szigligeti Theatre by director Theodor Cristian Popescu, at his second collaboration with the company in Oradea after several works in European and American theatres.

Translated by: Forgách András


Nun/Inspector: Pitz Melinda

Nun/Inspector: Gajai Ágnes

Abbess/Assistant: Kovács Enikő

Estelle: Tóth Tünde

Estelle’s brother, working for the hospital: Szabó Eduárd

Adeline, chief accountant: Firtos Edit

Jean-Pierre, butcher: Dobos Imre

Nathalie, cashier: Fábián Enikő

Alain, butcher: Dimény Levente

Blocq, shop owner: Kardos M. Róbert

Bertrand, a salesman : Szotyori József

Chi, a Chinese salesman who speaks bad French: Ababi Csilla

Claudia, a saleswoman, narrator of the action: Jerovszky Tímea

Estelle’s husband, a policeman: Csatlós Lóránt

Estelle’s neighbour: Hunyadi István

Slaughterhouse employee/Monk: Kiss Csaba

Slaughterhouse Manager/Monk: Kovács Levente

Estelle’s brother: Kocsis Gyula

Directed by: Theodor Cristian Popescu

Set Design: Irina Moscu

Choreography: Andreea Belu

Original Score: Sebastian Androne

Performance played in Hungarian with English translations

Duration: 2 h 40 min  (with intermission) 

„Szigligeti Színház” Theatrem Oradea – „Szigligeti” Company