class="">None of Your Business! by Cătălin Ștefănescu

None of Your Business! by Cătălin Ștefănescu

23 October | 18:00, 21:00
ACT Theatre

“Many people have fascinating stories about their spectacular change in social condition, starting from a low status and reaching a high one, to the delight of the crowd hoping for the winning lottery ticket. For reasons that only he knows, most probably because of his imminent death, Dănilă does a favour to his friends and the world in general, and accepts to talk about HOW he got from poor and the village fool to his present wealth.” (Alexandru Dabija)



“For many of us, nowadays, the marvelous story written by Ion Creangă might seem funny, but disarmingly naïve. Yet its paths and detours touch forever valid questions. Why do things never turn out as planned? Why stealing from somebody who saved a good fortune can be justifiable? Why are some people fortunate, while others are not? Why is the love of money the root of all evil? For all those problems, and for many more, we have one supreme answer: “None of your business!” (Cătălin Ștefănescu)

After Dănilă Prepeleac by Ion Creangă


Dănilă Prepeleac: Marcel Iureș

Dracul Mammon: Andrei Seușan

Dracul Balamuk: Alexandru Voicu

Directing, Set Design and Light Design: Alexandru Dabija

Durata: 1 h 20 min (no intermission)

ACT Theatre, Bucharest