class="">Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour by Lee Hall

Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour by Lee Hall

22 October | 18:00
Excelsior Theatre

“We are in front of a special performance, of a special text, hard to fit: it is a musical, as much as it is an incisive contemporary text, a parable about life and death, and a show-concert at the same time. In short, it is a theatre show….”



“Complex, shocking, messy, dramatic, full of emotion. I think it is the terrible emotional charge and the special mixture of tragic and comic that dragged me and seduced me. As well as the unexpected, eclectic mix of sacred music with pop-rock hits. At first reading, it seems to be a text addressed to young people and adolescents. In fact, all of us can find ourselves in it, ordinary people mirrored in the story of ordinary teenagers in front of the miracle of life, over a seemingly ordinary day, yet full of surprise and revelations.” (Răzvan Mazilu)

After The Sopranos, a novel by Alan Warner

Translated and adapted by: Carmen Stanciu


Orla: Alina Petrică

Chell: MedaTopîrceanu

Kay: Ioana Mărcoiu

Manda: Daniela Tocari

Kylah: Oana Pușcatu

Fionnula: Ana Bianca Popescu


Adina Cocargeanu – piano

Imola Tamás – percussion

Andreea Archip – piano

Dana Georgescu – bass guitar

Director and choreographer: Răzvan Mazilu

Set Design: Romana Țopescu, Dragoș Trăistaru

Assistant choreographer: Raluca Nicolae

Musical arrangement and adaptation: Lucian Vlădescu

Music preparation: Gönül Abdula

Music selection: Răzvan Mazilu, Lucian Vlădescu

Light Design: Alin Popa

Duration: 2 h 20 min (no intermission) 

Excelsior Theatre, Bucharest