class="">Pirandello Café after works by Luigi Pirandello

Pirandello Café after works by Luigi Pirandello

24 October | 21:00
“I. L. Caragiale” National Theatre, Studio Hall

Pirandello Café starts from the dramatic script written by Anca Măniuțiu, structured on two plays that belong to the playwright Luigi Pirandello: The Man with the Flower in His Mouth and The Mountain Giants, which contains in its intertext entwining disparate lines from Six Characters in Search for an Author and Tonight We Improvise. Pirandellian characters, spectrally designed in an abandoned late-night coffee shop, located – not unintentionally – close to the railway station, meet and unleash an absurd world, where the boundary between dream and reality becomes fluid. In this ghostly frame, a group of circus artists infiltrates, stimulating the atmosphere and giving the performance a comic touch. In a world governed by dream, word plays a secondary role, while music and, above all, the choreographic language assume its illustrative dimension.



“The performance tries to catch a hallucinatory, fantastic world governed by the oneiric, where the boundary between reality and dream (or nightmare) is extremely fragile. In conceiving the script, I started from Pirandello`s obsessions, expressed in all of his dramatic writings. These refer to versatile, difficult to quantify ratios, between theatre and life, to the impossibility of setting life – as a constant, unbridled flow – into the conventional patterns and our social masks (or in the well-defined identity of some characters). Therefore the questioning of our own psycho-emotional identity and of reality itself, which slips from our grasp. Therefore, the vague psychological consistency of the characters and their fundamental inadequacy to reality. Pirandello Café is the materialization of an emblematic metaphor and of an ancient theatrical leitmotif: life is a dream.” (Anca Măniuțiu)

Dramatic script by Anca Măniuțiu



The Man with a flower in his mouth: Șerban Borda

The tired customer: Sebastian Lupu

Woman in grey: Denisa Vlad

The Pimp: George Voinese

Momó, the absinthe drinker : Emil Sauciuc

Prostitutes: Georgia Căprărin, Adela Lazăr, Alina Leonte

The refined prostitute: Angela Tanko

The fallen actress: Gabriela Codrea

The pale girl: Anda Tămășanu

The lost woman: Mirela Lupu

Momó’s attendant : Petre Ghimbășan

A senile old man: Ion Ruscuț 


The Circus Manager: Richard Balint

Musical Clown: Andrian Locovei

Clowns: Răzvan Vicoveanu, Alexandru Rusu, Eugen Neag, George

Dometi, Pavel Sîrghi, Ciprian Ciuciu

The Clown-Bride: Consuela Egyed 

The Clown-Groom: Sorin Ionescu

Directed by: Mihai Măniuțiu

Sets: Adrian Damian

Costumes: Luiza Enescu

Choreography: Andrea Gavriliu

Original Score: Mihai Dobre

Light Design: Lucian Moga

Duration: 1 h 20 min  (no intermission)

“Regina Maria” Theatre, Oradea