class="">Playlist by C.C. Buricea-Mlinarcic

Playlist by C.C. Buricea-Mlinarcic

23 October | 18:00, 21:00
“I. L. Caragiale” National Theatre, Sala Mică (Small Hall)

Playlist is a nineteen-year story – between 1989 and 2008 – of a Romanian-Hungarian family, from the “golden age”, without any electricity, heat and with rationalized food, to, eventually, democracy. A democracy where the former secret police officers are now prosperous businessmen and, when discovered, they will obviously deny everything: “I am a mere businessman over his head in changing the face of his country…”



Playlist is the history of a mixed family, which begins during the Communist period in Romania and slowly moves towards the new social forms. Playlist is a recent history. A history that has shaped us all and that continues to shape us, whether we want it or not. A history that you cannot control, rather it controls you. A subjugated history of manipulation in all its forms.” (Tudor Lucanu)


Orsolya Pogăceanu, born Ivácsonyi, Music teacher, daughter of the Reformed minister of Varmezău, a sound designer after 1989: Hungarian State Theatre, Cluj-Napoca)

Laurenţiu Pogăceanu, an engineer, a writer and an amateur essayist, member of the Andromeda sci-fi literary circle, a journalist of the „Foaia naţională” after December 1989: Ovidiu Crişan

Melinda Pogăceanu, their daughter: Sânziana Tarţa

Omar Şaripov, a Soviet receptionist, resident of Turkmenistan, later called Omar ben Sharip, a citizen of the world, resident of Romania: Mihai-Florian Niţu

Toader, later known as Theodor, Verdinaş, Securitate colonel, former Zootechnical technician, a businessman after 1989, shareholder of the Religion Bank: Adrian Cucu

Reporter, TV anchor and moderator: Matei Rotaru

Director and Set Designer: Tudor Lucanu

Light Design: Jenel Moldovan

Duration: 1 h 30 min (no intermission)

 “Lucian Blaga” National Theatre, Cluj-Napoca