class="">Robinson Crusoe’s Diary. A musical after Insula (The Island) by Gellu Naum

Robinson Crusoe’s Diary. A musical after Insula (The Island) by Gellu Naum

24 October | 18:00
Odeon Theatre, Majestic Hall

”The island where the Robinson Crusoe of Gellu Naum and Ada Milea cast away is full of traps – paradoxical traps, ludic ones, of a game that nourishes from its own substance. The Diary is a circular text, ironical and auto-ironical, similar to the lyrics Ada Milea composes, lyrics that can be hummed long after, without losing their charm…”



“A charm that consists of the capacity to project us, the ones that are outside the stage, right in the center of it and gracefully allowing us to identifying with any of the characters. With one or the other, or with each and one of them, one at a time. And this is because this musical full of zest and candor talks about love, fidelity, innocence, betrayal, loneliness and, most importantly, about the healing power of fantasy. Is there anyone among us who is unfamiliar with those ‘themes’?” (Mihai Măniuțiu)

Dramaturgy: Anca Măniuțiu


Robinson: Mihai Smarandache

Man Friday: Marius Damian

The Mermaid: Paula Niculiță

Mary: Antoaneta Zaharia

Pierre the pirate: Ionuț Kivu

The Cannibal instrumentalist: Cezar Antal

Guide/Cannibal: Dimitrii Bogomaz

Mabolo, king of the cannibals: Marius Stănescu

Parrots: Anda Saltelechi, Ruxandra Maniu

Aggressive grannies: Anda Saltelechi, Diana Gheorghian, Meda Victor, Constantin Cojocaru

Randolph: Ioan Batinaș

Cannibal/Bedouin: Relu Poalelungi

Drums: Alex Neagu


Directed by: Mihai Măniuțiu

Sets: Adrian Damian

Costumes: Andrada Chiriac

Choreography: Andrea Gavriliu

Original Score: Ada Milea

Light Design: Cristian Șimon

Sound Design: Vladimir Ivanov

Visuals: Anya Dimitrov

Duration: 1 h 15 min (no intermission) 

Odeon Theatre, Bucharest