class="">Rocky Horror Show by Richard O`Brian

Rocky Horror Show by Richard O`Brian

25 October| 22:00 – Spice Pub&Club

26 October| 19:00 – Spice Pub&Club

Janet and Brad – a newly engaged couple – are on their way to visit their professor, Dr. Everett Scott. It is a rainy night, the two get lost and additionally, their car has a flat tire. While trying to find a phone, they arrive at a castle and here things become more and more eerie. The couple enters the world of doctor Frank N. Further, an alien from the Planet Transsexual in the Transylvania Galaxy. In a hedonistic universe, doctor Frank seduces his new guests. The young couple is invited to witness the insane doctor’s new creation: the ideal man, the perfect man, named Rocky Horror.



The performance excels through the young actors’ energy and exuberance, which they share with the public, enjoying the stage, the lights, the colours, the moment. Live Rock’n’Roll music and dancing animates the actors, as well as the audience. The message of the performance is expressed through an acid statement and a profound reflection of the social relationships.

This musical is an adventure, completed with scandalous costumes and racy jokes – an invitation to a party that takes place in the Transylvania Galaxy, where everything is allowed.

Translated by: Ștefan Peca


Trixie: Denisa Pintiuță Caian

Jeanette Weiss: Veronica Arizancu

Brad Majors: Iustinian Turcu

Riff Raff: Robert Fekete

Columbia: Gabriela Pîrlițeanu

Magenta: Oana Marin

Frank: Ali Deac

Rocky: Radu Carp

Eddie: Ștefan Tunsoiu

Doctor Evrett Scott: Raj-Udrea Alexandru

Vladimir Petre (drums and violin)

Mihai Rădulea  (guitar) 


Directed by: Cosmin Chivu

Set Design: Alin Gavrilă

Choreography: Adriana Bârză

Voice Coordinator: Melinda Samson

Instrument Coordinator: Constantin Iridon

Video Concept: Vlad Bacalu

Assistant Director: Daiana Mădăras

Duration: 1 h 15 min (no intermission) 

 “Radu Stanca” National Theatre, Sibiu