class="">Romanian Diary. Sfântu Gheorghe by Carmen Lidia Vidu

Romanian Diary. Sfântu Gheorghe by Carmen Lidia Vidu

28 October | 17:00, 19:30
Nottara Theatre, ”George Constantin” Hall

Carmen Lidia Vidu is the artist who promised to never stop experimenting. A diary is an exercise of sincerity, that reveals and hides information altogether. A city does not have a single face, its look depends on who the beholder is and what his position is when looking at the city. Sf. Gheorghe, in the director’s Romanian Diary, is the city seen and composed by the view of 6 actors who were born elsewhere, but now live there, after joining the “Andrei Mureșanu” Theatre.



The director challenges the actors to unveil their souls. A game of truths and secrets, photograms of their lives: about origins, fears and patience; about Romanian language and the Hungarians, rents, searches, escapes and confrontations with the differences; about the exhausting job of an actor, spectators, dreams, wanderings, love(s) and patience; about expectations, failures, disappointments, shock, confusion, children, weakness, fury and patience; about losses, wins, rebellions and the story of the 7 actors and their putsch that scared the theatrical East; about happiness, tensions, passions, hypocrisy, arrogance, tattoos; about the first premiere and death that beats the theatre, about the favourite place that is home. About the art of abiding. Romanian Diary is the space of dialogue that the artist Carmen Lidia Vidu has opened as a result of her need to better know her generation, and, through it, the less touristic and broadcasted Romania.


Sebastian Marina

Daniel Rizea

Ioana Alexandrina Costea

Ion Fiscuteanu

Elena Popa

Costi Apostol

Directed by: Carmen Lidia Vidu

Set Design: Raluca Alexandrescu

Photography: Vargyasi Levente

Video: Vetró Baji

Video-projection: Molnár Csaba

Original Score: Luiza Zan, Kónya Ütő Bence

Duration: 1 h (no intermission) 

“Andrei Mureşanu” Theatre, Sfântu Gheorghe