class="">Shadows by Marilia Samper

Shadows by Marilia Samper

27 October | 20:00
“I. L. Caragiale” National Theatre, Atelier Hall

A contemporary text of a Spanish writer, with plays enacted on major stages in Barcelona, described by the author herself as follows: “I am interested in the human nature and in what motivates people to act, sometimes in strange ways. In my writings, I have attempted to explore the dark sides of the individual, to thoroughly research the fears, obsessions, desires, always in a recognizable context, with which the spectator can identify, but leaving space for imagination and the poetic”.



Three families marked by loss: a married couple which falls apart after the disappearance of their adolescent daughter; a father and son unable to communicate because of the absence of the mother; an elderly couple whose happiness is threatened by the thought of losing one another. Wracked by pain, anguish, and uncertainty, they confront as best they can their particular tragedy, but little by little their lives will intersect until they blend into the same story, like in a puzzle: that of Alba, lost in the thickness of the forest, and her own journey through pain and into salvation.

Translated by: Florin Galiș and Iunia Mircescu


The Mother: Ana Ciontea                                  

The Father: Gheorghe Visu

The Old Woman: Mariana Mihuț                           

The Old Man: Victor Rebengiuc

The Man: Mircea Rusu                                       

The Stranger: Gavril Pătru

The Girl: Alexandra Sălceanu                           

The Boy: Emilian Mârnea

Directing, Set Design, Original Score and Light Design: Vlad Cristache

Duration: 2 h 15 min (no intermission) 

“I. L. Caragiale” National Theatre, Bucharest