class="">The RNTF spectators become main actors of the Good

The RNTF spectators become main actors of the Good

The Romanian National Festival, at its 27th edition, supports the fundraising campaign for the first Paediatric Oncology Clinic with Integrated Services in Romania, within the Marie Curie Children Emergency Hospital, in Bucharest, a project of the Dăruiește Viață (Give Life) Association.

10 October 2017,  News

At present Romania does not have a centre for complete care for paediatric cancer patients: intensive care, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The absence of appropriate medical services and hospitals give children in Romania only half the chances of recovery, compared to western countries.

The project is evaluated at 5 million euros, of which Dăruiește Viață (Give Life) Association has already secured more than 50%. The building permits are also about to be finalised.

We are confident that theatre goers will stand by this very ambitious project of social responsibility, meant to increase the chances to life of cancer diagnosed children.

How to support this campaign

  • Send an SMS with the text SPITAL to 8844– a 2 euro/month investment. The SMS campaign is supported by Vodafone România, Orange România and Digi Mobil.
  • Online Donations:

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About Dăruiește Viață (Give Life) Association

In 8 years of activity, the Dăruiește Viață (Give Life) team has built 18 sterile transplant rooms, thus tripling the transplant capacity existent in Romania, a laboratory for comprehensive blood cancer diagnosis in Timișoara and has refurbished a similar laboratory at the Fundeni Clinical Institute and remodelled and refurbished children’s and adults’ oncology units in Bucharest, Timișoara and Brașov; raising and investing more than 6 million euros in Romanian hospitals. |