class="">Spring Awakening by Frank Wedekind (Teatrul Mic)

Spring Awakening by Frank Wedekind (Teatrul Mic)

20 October, 21 October | 18:00
Teatrul Mic (Small Theatre)

A Rock Theatrical Poem. Spring Awakening is a satirical drama focused on the “generational divide” and the internal contradictions of young people, dissecting the rules, limits and secrets of adolescence.



The teenagers dream of an artificial paradise, one opposed to the universe of adults, they revolt against hypocrisy and false values in the absence of higher goals, or of a dream that they could fulfil. The author, however, talked about his text as a “bright reflection of life, in which I have sought out all the informal humour that could have been squeezed from every scene”.

Translated by: Victor Scoradeț

Adapted by: Vlad Cristache


Melchior Gabor: Alexandru Voicu (20 Oct) / Ionuț Vișan (21 Oct)

Wendla Bergman: Silvana Mihai (20 Oct)/Alina Rotaru (21 Oct)

Moritz Stiefel: Rareș Florin Stoica (20 Oct) / George Albert Costea (21 Oct)

Ilse:  Alina Petrică

Hanschen Pilow: Marian Olteanu  (20 Oct)/ Cezar Grumăzescu (21 Oct)

Ernst: Silviu Debu (20 Oct) / Răzvan Krem Alexe (21 Oct)

Georg, Otto, Robert, Lammermeier:

Alexandru Voicu/Ionuș Vișan

Rareș Florin Stoica / George Albert Costea

Marian Olteanu / Cezar Grumăzescu

Silviu Debu / Răzvan Krem Alexe

Martha: Andreea Alexandrescu

Thea: Alina Rotaru / Silvana Mihai

Mrs. Bergmann: Liliana Pană

Mrs. Gabor: Mihaela Rădescu

Mr. Gabor/Habebald: Gabi Costin

Sonnenstich (chancellor), Man with a mask: Gelu Nițu

Knuppeldick, Zungenschlag, Fliegentod (group of teachers): Avram Birău, Ion Lupu, Petre Moraru

Pastor Kahlbauch: Petre Moraru

Mr. Stiefel: Avram Birău

Dr. Von Brausepulver: Ion Lupu

Directed by: Vlad Cristache

Set Design: Vlad Cristache

Original Score: Daniel Rocca

Live performance: Trupa FiRMA (Daniel Rocca Stoicea, Sorin Erhan, Adrian Coman, Bărbuță C-tin Bărbășelu)

Light Design: Iulian Bălțătescu

Duration: 3 h 30 min  (with intermission) 

Teatrul Mic, Bucharest