class="">THE STAGE OF THE WORLD / George Banu in dialogue with Ion Caramitru

THE STAGE OF THE WORLD / George Banu in dialogue with Ion Caramitru

28 Oct| 18:00 – Romanian Atheneum


There was a moment when the theatre was said to be doomed to disappear – a wrong prediction, we now know – and that was when we understood that theatre, as an art, might lose its impact or get marginalised, but theatricality is co-substantial to man, it defines human beings. Following the lead of the Greeks and Romans, Shakespeare constantly said that “the world’s a stage” and we are its tireless actors.

On the world’s Stage, I tried to identify either genius artists, or politicians influenced by theatre. Today, with Ion Caramitru – my generation’s ideal Hamlet – I talk about the sometimes hidden and other times blatant relationship between stage performance and politics. They sometimes get mistaken for one another, as Ronald Reagan’s famous intervention ironically proves. He was asked, “How can an actor become the President of the United States?” and he answered, like an authentic Shakespearean character, “How can one become a president without being an actor?” Theatricality beyond the stage can be hated or praised, but it will always be present on the world’ Stage, where Obama is blamed for looking like the Danish prince, and Trump might be taken for the direct descendant of Ubu Roi. Theatre hepls us read the world and the people. The world’s Stage is a book of life!” (George Banu)