class="">Vaille Que Vivre (Barbara) – To Live Somehow (Barbara)

Vaille Que Vivre (Barbara) – To Live Somehow (Barbara)

30 October | 20:00
“I. L. Caragiale” National Theatre, Studio Hall

Juliette Binoche and Alexandre Tharaud have come together to remember Barbara…

She was one of the greats of French music and accompanied both, Binoche and Tharaud, throughout their lives. This created a singular and profound bond over time.

Today, they modestly question her absence by paying a discreet tribute. Together, they chose the texts and music.



“All those times I hit rock bottom, I always managed to bounce back. Sure, I had to love life a lot…” In Il était un piano noir, her unfinished autobiography published in 1997, a year after her death, the singer Barbara tells with modesty and poetry of her childhood stolen by incest and by the occupation, of her bohemian years in Belgium, and of her early career in Parisian cabarets. She writes about the dream that haunted her throughout her life: to sing, write, compose, and be onstage with an audience, her “most beautiful love story.” Those pages, among other sources, are at the heart of the story for voice and piano imagined by Juliette Binoche and Alexandre Tharaud. The singer’s writings mix with the performers’ memories of her, using the texts and songs, from the most famous to the most secret, to create a sensorial landscape. A pen and a piano that celebrate life, love, pain, anger, but above all else hope, which, even at its darkest and most desperate, forever remained the vibrant engine driving this icon, who Juliette Binoche says was able to turn “her shadows into light, her dark velvets into suns.”

Texts and music: Barbara


Juliette Binoche & Alexandre Tharaud (piano)

Light Design: Éric Soyer

Artistic collaboration: Vincent Huguet & Chris Gandois

Musical arrangement: Alexandre Tharaud

 Juliette Binoche is grateful to Olivier Rousteing from Maison Balmain and to Christian Louboutin

Juliette Binoche’s Hair Dresser: John Nollet

Special thanks to: Bernard Serf

Il était un piano noir… Mémoires interrompus de Barbara, © Editions Fayard

Duration:  1 h 30 min (no intermission)

Production Les Visiteurs du soir

Co-production L’Onde Théâtre Centre d’art de Vélizy-Villacoublay

With the participation of Yamaha Music Europe