class="">Visiting the LEVINTZA Theatre Costume Gallery

Visiting the LEVINTZA Theatre Costume Gallery

25 Oct| 17:00, Levintza Gallery (Exhibition Grand Opening)

20-30 Oct| 12:00 – 20:00, Levintza Gallery

Doina Levintza is one of the most important set and costume designers in Romania, with a long experience behind her, proof of her talent and extraordinary passion. Her career graciously combines theatre, film and television set and costume design, and reveals the creative power of an artist capable of proposing novel solutions for any type of space and character. With a fascinating efficiency and always eager to put her creativity in expressive and attractive shapes, Doina Levintza is one of those rare artists whose vocation is based on culture and knowledge. With a solid background in architecture, in the line of renowned set designers/architects such as Paul Bortnovschi, Liviu Ciulei and Dan Jitianu, Doina Levintza has built herself a unique, strong personality, marked by an endless imagination and an impressive commitment to her profession, to the directors and actors she has worked with.

She has collaborated with some of the biggest theatre and film directors, in key performances and film productions. She has been a witness to the most beautiful yet the most difficult periods of our culture, she has been part of the most marvellous and rare stories in theatre and life, and of some outstanding destinies, influencing them through her art. All the memorable pages in Romanian theatre history bear Doina Levintza’s name; she has been the creator and witness of major pursuits, of free boundless spirits, of avant-garde periods, of redefining theatre, stage costumes, accessories, of new fabrics, redefined under the miraculous light of the stage. Doina Levintza’s personality is also huge thanks to the special encounters of her creative existence. All those encounters that she knew to receive and accompany in her life. Set designer Doina Levintza has recently opened a gallery, a unique concept for Romania, which gathers part of her creative profile, as well as a part of the history of Romanian high level stage design. Travelling through the world of Doina Levintza, among theatre costumes and sketches, among rare and precious items from performances, backstage or the laboratory of costume creation, in front of the precious details of images and space, any visitor/spectator of the gallery will thus be initiated into the history of costume and set design. Subtle and dense, Doina Levintza Gallery is a unique type of exhibition and much more. It is an act of culture and generosity from the artist who shares her experience, tells stories and welcomes young creators in the lively museum of her stage creations.

Doina Levintza Gallery (Bld. Ion Mihalache 113)