class="">KRUM by Hanoch Levin

KRUM by Hanoch Levin

22 October | 18:00 and 21:00 – Odeon Theatre, Majestic Hall

The plane. They’ve already announced the landing. In a city. A city that kept everything it could… The airport. Two cemeteries. A better hospital, some others just as good. Some cafes. A hotel, let’s call it Hilton. A cinema. A city. A city that kept everything it could preserve… of course the North, the South, the West, the East.


Cast :

Krum: Alexandru Pleșca

Mama, Doamna Krum : Angela Ciobanu

Shkita: Iurie Focșa

Tugati: Ghenadie Gâlcă

Dolce: Ion Mocanu

Felicia, Dolce’s wife : Mihaela Strâmbeanu

Tachteech: Dan Melnic

Teruda: Diana Decuseară

Dupa: Olga Guțu-Cucu

Uma: Doriana Zubcu

Bertoldo: Valentin Zorilă

Musca : Tinka Mardari

Dr. Shvoigen: Mihai Zubcu

Translated by : Valeriu Turea

Adapted by : Luminița Țâcu

Directed by : Luminița Țâcu

Set Design : Irina Gurin

Choreography : Irina Slobodeaniuc

Video Concept: Ian Onică

Length: 1 h 50 min (no intermission)

“Mihai Eminescu” National Theatre, Chișinău


Suitable for ages 16 and above

But getting from South to North takes an effort, a decision, something… and we are in the South, in a neighbourhood located South of a sea-bordered city, a city and a sea… a sea of people, men and women who sometimes look up to the sky, looking for… where Krum returns without any achievement, to live without purpose in a world full of vain appearances, false ideals and full bellies, the universe of today, completely void of meaning, love, values or gymnastics, where only Mother loves Krum… to death…

As Helen Kaye remarks in Jerusalem Post, “Levin’s world is like Chekhov’s, but without expectations.” All of them ‒ Krum, Dupa, the incurable Tugati, the unmarried Teruda, the insatiable Uma, the unsettling Mother of Krum, the inferior Tachteech, the voluminous Dolce and the flavourful Felicia, philosopher Shvoigen and the Shkita full of hope, the incomprehensible Bertoldo, the Fly of providence and the rest of them ‒ jump into life’s hoops: they court, they marry, they screw, they dance, and die like professionals.