class="">New Plays – The University of Arts in Târgu-Mureș in International Programs

New Plays – The University of Arts in Târgu-Mureș in International Programs

21 October| 11:00 – NTF HUB, Semantic Hall (ARCUB)

The National Theatre Festival salutes the initiative of The University of Arts Tîrgu-Mureș (UAT) and includes in the programme of the Festival a presentation of two major projects in which the University is involved. We hope that the presentation triggers a fruitful professional dialogue both for the project and for the whole theatre community.

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      1.  Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe
        It is a programme of promoting new Romanian dramaturgy in Europe and new European dramaturgy in Romania. The strategy of the project is based on involving all the components of performance through residences, dramatic writing workshops, stage presentations, personal productions and festival participation. The two partners in Romania are the UAT and the Odeon Theatre. Through the nature of its activities, the UAT is a very important partner of the project, through its dramatic writing Master’s programme, alongside the involvement of students of other Master’s programmes such as acting, directing, theatrology, as well as the Studio Theatre, a laboratory of creation and artistic experiment, and the Studio Festival.Presenters: Claudia DiGiacomo (PAV-Italy), Alina Nelega, Tamara Susoi (Odeon Theatre), Elise Wilk (UAT)2. The Romanian-American Exchange: Transylvanian Playwriting Camp
        Transylvanian Playwriting Camp is part of an extended collaboration project with Lark Play Development Center in New York, which includes, in alternation, the dramatic writing camp in Târgu-Mureș and the visit in New York of the students and professors of the University of Arts, meant to promote new dramatic writings. All these lead to the creation of a platform of collaboration and professional development for dramatists, through translations, creative workshop, reading sessions, performances and publication.

        Presenters: John Eisner (Lark Play Development Center, New York), Mária Albert, Anda Cadariu, Alina Nelega, Csaba Székely (UAT)
        The presentation of the project includes the launch of the book Descrie noaptea by Rajiv Jospeh, LiterNet Publishing House, 2018.

        Moderator: Oana Leahu (Dean of UAT, The University of Arts Târgu-Mureș)