class="">NOAH’S CHILD by Eric Emmanuel Schmitt

NOAH’S CHILD by Eric Emmanuel Schmitt

25 and 26 October| 18:00 – Metropolis Theatre, Olga Tudorache Hall

Chris Simion-Mercurian, the director of the theatrical performance Mr Ibrahim, and the Flowers of the Koran, presents a touching story about a Jewish child forced to hide from the Nazi invasion, during World War II.



Joseph: Marius Manole

Rudy: Vlad Logigan

The Mayor, the father, the priest: Alexandru Sinca

Mother, countess: Carla Maria Teaha

The priest: Marian Râlea

The pharmacist: Maia Morgenstern

Directed by: Chris Simion-Mercurian

Set Design: Maria Miu

Costume Design: Mirela Trăistaru

Length: 1 h 30 min  (no intermission)

Metropolis Theatre, Bucharest

Beyond the historical reality and trauma, the performance evokes a much deeper truth: hiding and at the same time protecting one’s own ethnic and religious values in harsh conditions, assuming and sharing these values at any risk. Each of us carries a treasure inside and this immaterial treasure has to be shared. And each of us carries an inner „ark”, just like Noah’s. Beyond any religion and ethnic origin, there is an impulse toward solidarity especially in hard times, there is a sense of responsibility towards our fellow beings that we have to take upon ourselves every moment of our lives.